Keeping our neighborhood safe and crime-free is an essential part of ensuring Havenscourt is a welcoming place to live and work.

See below for more information about public safety and how you can get involved.

Reporting Crimes and Other Public Safety Issues

You can report crimes and other public safety issues in several ways.

Havenscourt Crime Data

Oakland Police Department (OPD) shares crime data with the public. You can use tools like this crime heatmap to see where various crimes are reported.

Other sites like use the data shared by OPD to make crime activity easier for residents to review and understand. Click the sample map to see a live map of recent crimes.

Havenscourt Neighborhood Association (HNA) has started logging historical crime data for Havenscourt so that residents have greater visibility into crime and public safety trends and patterns in our neighborhood.

Neighborhood Crime Prevention Councils (NCPCs)

Neighborhood Crime Prevention Councils (NCPCs) are made up of Oakland residents working in partnership with the Oakland Police Department and other city agencies to address ongoing problems in their neighborhoods.

Your local NCPC corresponds to the police beat you live in. Havenscourt has a total of 4 different police beats: 27Y, 29X, 30X, and 30Y. Most Havenscourt residents live in the 30X or 27Y beat.

Click here to see which police beat you live in and to get information about your NCPC contacts and meeting dates. Information on the NCPCs for beats 30X and 27Y is also below.

NCPC City Representatives

The City of Oakland assigns each NCPC a Neighborhood Services Coordinator (NSC).

The NSC helps residents:

  • Work together on issues that residents deem important
  • Identify leaders and participants for NCPCs and Neighborhood Watch
  • Access the City of Oakland and other agencies to so they will be more responsive to neighborhood needs

Beat 30X NCPC Details

Beat 27Y NCPC Details