About the Havenscourt Neighborhood Association

The Havenscourt Neighborhood Association (HNA), founded in 2018, is a volunteer-operated community organization. Our mission is to bring neighbors together to create a safe, supportive community that we can all be proud to call home.

HNA Board

The HNA board helps to organize our activities and maximize our impact. Board members may self-nominate or be nominated by members. They serve a one-year term and are eligible for re-election.

HNA board members are listed below. (We are in the process of updating this information, and some of it may still be out-of-date. Sorry! If you have questions about the board, please email us.)

Board Member Duties & Responsibilities
Tony Collins, Chair
Term expires 12/31/23
  • Organize and facilitate meetings
  • Delegate tasks
  • Prepare agenda
  • Seek out and listen to all opinions
  • Organize community events
  • Assist with long-range planning
  • Interface with 30X neighborhood crime prevention council regarding common goals
  • Interface with public officials for information and goal completion
  • Know bylaws and parliamentary procedures
  • Represent HNA at meetings and events
Co-chair (vacant)
  • Facilitate and direct in absence of Chair
  • Work closely with partners and Chair
  • Interface between committees and board
  • Represent HNA at meetings and events
Secretary (vacant)
  • Take notes and share meeting highlights
  • Email relevant information and meeting reminders
  • Assist with agenda and action items
  • Keep updated list of officers and members
  • Manage the handling of information received by HNA
  • Manage contact list
  • Manage website
Treasurer (vacant)
  • Manage budget
  • Pay approved bills
  • Seek out sources of community funding

Havenscourt Action Teams (HATs)

Havenscourt Action Teams, or HATs, are groups of interested community members with a passion for improving specific aspects of Havenscourt.

There are currently five different HATs:


Focuses on public safety, crime, traffic, parking, and liaising with our Neighborhood Crime Prevention Councils (NCPCs).

Event & Membership Action

Focuses on organizing and managing block parties and other community projects.


Focuses on neighborhood cleanup, tree planting, and other beautification efforts.

Civic Engagement

Focuses on land use, code, and neighborhood planning. Business Improvement Focuses on outreach to neighborhood businesses and merchants.

If you have an interest joining a HAT, please reach out! We’d love to have your help.